Outside Special Interests Lean on MO Legislators to Push ALEC’s Anti-Worker Agenda

Last week, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a measure to put an anti-union “paycheck protection” measure on the ballot in August which, if approved by voters, will make it harder for unions to raise funds and engage in the political process. “Right to work” could be next — and both measures are being pushed by an array of out-of-state right-wing interests.

The paycheck protection measure is very similar to several American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) model bills that attempt to make it harder for unions to raise funds, such as the “Paycheck Protection Act,” “Voluntary Contributions Act,” and “Political Funding Reform Act.”Despite bipartisan opposition, the bill passed the House 83-69 and now moves to the Senate. It could be up for consideration as early as this week.

At the same time, the Speaker of the Missouri House, ALEC member Tim Jones, has made it clear he also plans on pushing ALEC’s so-called “Right to Work” measure through the legislature and onto the August ballot, which would starve unions by letting some workers free ride on the benefits of union representation (such as higher wages and better working conditions), yet not pay for the representation.

Two days before “Paycheck Protection” passed the Missouri House and before Speaker Jones made it publicly evident that the House would also be considering “Right to Work” in the following days, right-wing anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist tweeted that the Missouri House would vote on and pass Right to Work, as if he had a crystal ball — or more likely — a hotline to the Speaker.