Write Your Legislator

Write Your Legislator

Stop ALEC’s War on Voting Rights

Stand up to ALEC’s war on voting rights and tell your state legislators to oppose ALEC’s anti-democratic agenda.

Stand Up to ALEC’s Corporate Agenda and Create New Jobs

Tell your state legislators to pledge to create new jobs, and oppose the pay-to-play politics that only benefit politicians and corporations.

Protect Our Civil Rights and Our Children

ALEC’s agenda on civil rights over the years has been clear: oppose basic human rights and make our streets unsafe for our children. Ask your state legislators to pledge to protect civil rights and protect our children.

Tell ALEC to Put People Before Polluters

The ALEC agenda blocks the use of renewable and clean energy, supports controversial “fracking,” denies the science of climate change, and seeks to repeal pollution safeguards. Stand up and ask your state legislators to put people before polluters.

Tell ALEC to Put Our Children Before Corporate Profits

ALEC invites corporations to shape public policy on education with devastating results for students and their communities. Stand up and ask your state legislators to put our children’s future first.

Standup to ALEC’s Anti-Immigration Agenda

Across our country, millions have worked to pass reform giving aspiring Americans a chance at the American Dream, and yet in our statehouses, ALEC has put their extreme corporate agenda first. Ask your state legislators to pledge to put the American Dream before corporations.

Reject ALEC’s Income Inequality Agenda

At a time when big corporate CEOs are making more and working people are struggling to get by, ALEC stands in the way of making wages fair and delivering true income equality. Ask your state legislators to pledge to put constituents before corporations.

Tell Your State Legislators to Stand up to ALEC’s Extreme Corporate Agenda

From healthcare and voting rights to environment and education, the American Legislative Exchange Council has worked to put its extreme right-wing agenda and corporate interests before the American people. Ask your state legislators to work for American voters, not corporate interests.