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Repeal NRA Laws Pushed by ALEC

The NRA has used the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to push its extreme agenda with legislators dating back to at least 1988. For more than two decades ALEC made the NRA’s lobbying agenda a national priority, with legislators voting as equals with the NRA on “model” bills behind closed doors. Stand up to this troubling relationship right now.


Stand Up for Workers

This year, politicians in various states plan to push an ALEC model bill that will harm even more families who are already living paycheck to paycheck. Add your name to say no to decertification.


We Want Answers: What is ALEC’s sexual harassment policy?

A dozen members of the American Legislative Exchange Council stand accused of sexual misconduct, yet ALEC has remained silent. Add your name to ask Lisa B. Nelson, to clarify ALEC’s policy on sexual harassment.


Tell ALEC to disclose its payments to Sen. Cliff Hite

High-ranking senator from Ohio and an ALEC member, Cliff Hite, abruptly resigned his seat citing “inappropriate behavior” with a state employee. Add your name to our petition asking ALEC to disclose its financial ties to Hite.


Stand Up for Labor, Stand Up to ALEC

When American workers organize, they change our country for the better. Pledge to stand up for labor and Stand Up to ALEC.