Stand Up

Stand Up

The absolute most effective way to fight back against ALEC is by organizing in your own community. The following resources will help you to connect with other members of your community and drive out the ALEC influence harming your state.

Who is ALEC?

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) occupies a central role in the “political establishment” that seeks to ensure state politicians are serving the interests of big corporations and wealthy donors over the needs of their own voters. ALEC ensures an open channel of communication between corporate lobbyists and politicians to write, approve of and then push legislation in the states.

Forming a United Front

Anti-ALEC organizing is only as effective as its ability to make legislators feel heat for being a part of it. Bringing together other like-minded citizens in your area to organize against ALEC is the only way to make an effective impact.


Spreading the Message

Once you’ve formed a group, your biggest priority – other than continuing to grow your membership – is to start actively contacting your local state legislator to begin putting pressure on them.


Engaging the Press

If direct pressure on your legislator isn’t causing them to leave ALEC, it’s time to escalate your efforts and put together a press event.


Holding Them Accountable

If your legislator still refuses to drop their affiliation with ALEC it’s time for your group to start atively seeking answers by putting them on record yourself. We believe that politicians work for the pewople and shouldn’t be allowed to operate in secrecy