ALEC Legislative Update (3/18/2014)

In Arizona

The Arizona legislature is considering several bills, most notably SB 1236 and HB 2291, that would divert more funding out of Arizona public schools and into an ALEC-style voucher system. The leading proponent for these measures in Arizona is the Goldwater Institute, a member of both the right-wing State Policy Network and ALEC.

In Missouri

Missouri workers are currently facing several ALEC attacks. ALEC’s Paycheck Protection bill and so-called “Right to Work” bill can both be found in the Missouri legislature. HB 1617 – a paycheck deception measure – would limit workers’ voice and ability to participate in our political system. Several Missouri bills mirror ALEC’s “Right to Work Act,” which is an attack on workers’ ability to organize and would likely lead to lower wages for all Missouri workers. The following are ALEC-style right-to-work bills in Missouri. HB 1770, HB 1772HJR 78 would all refer a right-to-work measure to the ballot.

In Pennsylvania

The ALEC-backed Commonwealth Foundation is pushing a measure to silence workers’ voice in our political process. The bills – HB 1507 and SB 1034 – share exact language with ALEC’s “Paycheck Protection Act” and “Voluntary Contributions Act.”


Other Issues

Voter Suppression: ALEC-style voter suppression efforts continue to be pushed in state legislatures across the country. The National Conference of State Legislatures estimates that ALEC-style Voter ID bills have been introduced in more than two-dozen states in 2014.

Denying Affordable Healthcare: ALEC has led the way in trying to stop the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) on the state level. The National Conference of State Legislatures estimates that over 800 ACA-related bills will be considered in the states in 2014, many being ALEC’s model bills to block the enforcement and implementation of the healthcare reform bill.

Promoting A Polluter’s Agenda: ALEC is attacking renewable energy and pollution protections on various fronts. ALEC has led the way to repeal Renewable Portfolio Standards in the states, and even goes as far as having a model bill that denies teachers’ the ability to teach the science behind climate change.