2014: Year of the #ALECExodus

As 2014 closes, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work standing up to ALEC and its continued efforts to manipulate our state governments. There is no doubt that ALEC remains a potent force, but through your efforts and the efforts of tens of thousands of Americans just like you, 2014 was a huge year in our effort to expose their work, compel corporations to leave the organization and spotlight the dirty politicians who do their bidding.

By the numbers:

We are proud to announce that since 2011, more than 100 corporations have ended their affiliation with ALEC. 2014 was truly the year of the #ALECExodus with some of the largest corporations on Earth ending their affiliation with the organization. This year saw Google, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, AOL, Occidental Petroleum and many others drop ALEC.

Because of the #ALECExodus, ALEC ends the year with a $1.5 million deficit. Contributions to the organization have dropped by nearly 20%.

234 ALEC members were either defeated, retired, or left the State House for other reasons, and according to ALEC, only around 150 new members signed up this year.

Exposing ALEC and making them answer for the harm they do:

This year reporters across the country focused on ALEC and their harmful agenda. Hundreds of articles and op-eds were written challenging ALEC and its allies.

In Arizona, a hidden camera expose’ showed Phoenix residents inside the world of backroom deals and steak dinners that ALEC likes to put together for politicians and lobbyists.

In Missouri, the St. Louis Dispatch and Kansas City Star took on ALEC during the legislative session with Editorials and stories that helped beat back out-of-state millionaires and billionaires who tried to buy Jefferson City politicians.

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google went so far as to call ALEC out publically onDiane Rehm’s nationally syndicated radio show saying they are lying about climate change.

John Oliver poked fun at ALEC on his critically acclaimed late night show [NSFW].

Whats next?

2014 was a successful year and we couldn’t have done it without you! But we still need your help. Share this with friends and relatives you think would be interested in helping and ask them to join the fight against ALEC.