Franson & DFL Rangers totally eclipse Pugh’s ALEC crew in EPA nullification March madness

It’s hard to fault ultra-conservative state representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) for introducing HF3094, a Tenther-movement bill to nullify the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s power in Minnesota. She’s facing a viable challenger from the right who’s long coveted the seat, regardless of which Republican occupies it.

Nor can we express surprise that a covey of ALEC members (mostly), led by Cindy Pugh (R-Chanhassen), has introduced a Republican-only HF3085, a resolution to oppose “EPA regulations that would expand federal jurisdiction over waters and lands without Congressional approval.”

What’s puzzling is what three DFL legislators are doing in this clown car, even if the three gentlemen are from the Range.

EPA Clean Water Act jurisdictional rulemaking and the Pugh bill

This latter resolution reflects a long standing concern of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has with the EPA’s jurisdictional authority under the Clean Waters Act; witness a resolution posted in 2013 opposing federal legislation that would have extended that authority. The new bill seems brand spanking new in this battle–as the proposed rules seem to have come between ALEC meetings and so there’s no trace of this specific resolution on the ALEC site.

Four of the bill’s five authors–Pugh, Mike Benson (R-Rochester), Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa), and Linda Runbeck (R-Circle Pines)–are ALEC members; the fifth, Jim Newberger, has been active in the Central Minnesota Tea Party.